Audition Requirements

Performance Majors

Students should be prepared to perform their solo repertoire selections, a sight reading skills evaluation, and a Theory Placement Exam.  Theory test results are used for class placement and do not impact acceptance decisions. Singers must perform all pieces by memory.


  • An Etude
  • Two Contrasting Pieces
  • For students entering the 5th-7th grades: Scales & Arpeggios up to 3 sharps and flats, major and all forms of minor.
  • For Students entering the the 8th-12th grades: Scales and Arpeggios up to 6 flats or sharps, major and all forms of minor.


  • A 17th or 18th century Italian or English song
  • An art song of contrasting style in any language, from any period.

Composition Major

Students must complete an interview with the head of the Music Theory Department, Dr. Levesque to review their composition portfolio containing three original compositions. Students must test out of or have completed Music Theory Level 3 to be considered for this Major.