The Bharvaney Fund in Music Education


The Anil T. Bharvaney Memorial Fund in Music Education is an endowment providing support for the Honors Music Program. ┬áTheir funding supports the Honors Music Program’s comprehensive Jazz education, provides scholarships for students, and enables various enrichment activities.

The Anil T. Bharvaney Memorial Fund  continues to grow and facilitate the dreams of  dedicated and talented music students. The Honors Music Program relies on its generous donors to continue our work with gifted musicians.  The fund is a lasting memorial to Mr. Bharvaney’s love for music and his commitment to supporting education. We sincerely thank Po Bharvaney for establishing the fund and selecting The Honors Music Program as the recipient of its support.

“Improvisation has been overlooked in classical music education.  Improvisation has always been a cornerstone of the work of great composers. However, following the era of the virtuosi, improvisation steadily moved further outside traditional music curricula and soon became the exclusive tool of jazz musicians. In Music Education students of improvisation and classical performance became fully separated in their studies. In addition to music scholarship and performance training, the Honors Music Program pursues a holistic approach to music education so that students may understand more completely and hear more deeply. We encourage students to explore the source of their own music.” -Anil T. Bharvaney

The yearly Young Artist Jazz Showcase is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Bharvaney. We share his love of Jazz music and appreciate the unique opportunity that this event provides to our community.

To read more about Anil T. Bharvaney and to make a donation to the Anil T. Bharvaney Memorial Fund in Music Education, please click on the link above.