Faculty Announcements


Carol Comune is celebrating over 25 Mllion all time streams on
Spotify! “I started this journey almost 30 years ago. My mom
always said, “you need to be discovered!” Well that day finally
happened two 1/2 years ago by Double J Music Record Label-
▪ Her latest released, June, 2020 – “The Perfect Place to Be”
for solo piano – 2 Million Streams
▪ Music includes: Mompou, Debussy, Schumann,
Satie and Scriabin barely out 3 weeks hit over a 1 Million
▪ Her recording of “The Little Shepherd” from Debussy’s
Children’s Corner was featured on Spotify’s New Classical
Releases with over a half a million listeners.
▪ In the Fall, 2020 Double J Music Record Label, UK will
release my album, “Pastiche” of original compositions for
solo piano.
▪ Her other albums: “Classically Yours”, 2018 – 9 Million
streams and “From the Heart ” – 2 Million streams

Sheet music PDF’s are available: https://carolcomune.com/sheet-music