The Honors Music Program offers majors in Instrumental or Vocal Performance, Composition, and Musicianship Studies with multiple avenues of study ranging from rigorous conservatory preparation for students pursuing advanced study or degrees in music to divisions designed for students interested in supplementing their current musical studies all within a supportive and vibrant community.

Program Divisions

Pending on audition results, students enroll in one of three divisions of personalized study.

Young Artist (YA)

Designed for exceptional Performance and Composition Majors seriously committed to a comprehensive study of music, the Young Artist division offers a performance oriented track with three to four weekly courses from the core curriculum and major specific studies. YA Majors prepare a solo program or composition portfolio for annual evaluation by a panel of Conservatory Faculty. The YA curriculum culminates in Senior Seminar, a course re-designed to meet the interests of each senior class. Seniors prepare and perform an individual senior recital in a Westminster Choir College performance venue and receive significant college admissions support. The Young Artist Admissions folio accompanies music school applications or college and university Arts Supplements and impressively presents the student’s transcript, recommendation letter from the Director, and press materials. Read More

Young Musician (YM)

Created for the advancing Performance Major, the Young Musician division offers two to three weekly courses from the core curriculum as well as Chamber Music. YM Majors prepare for an annual performance evaluation by a panel of Conservatory Faculty. Read More

Young Music Scholar (YMS)

A non-performance-oriented program for Musicianship Study Majors interested in enriching their music education. Students are offered two weekly courses from the core curriculum. This division accepts students based on a private teacher recommendation and an interview with the Honors Music Program Director. Read More