Music Development Program Assessment Guide

Music Development Program Assessment

Registration Guide For HMP Students


A few things about MDP

MDP’s exams appear to cost more than ABRSM exams.  This is however not the case.  HMP students will take at most 3 MDP exams, and most of our students will only take two.  Previously, HMP students took as many as 5 ABRSM exams.  We think this is a major improvement.  MDP also allows you to view your exam as a PDF at the end of the process so that you can actually go over it with your teacher.  We think this is great too.

MDP’s website has proven to be a bit tricky.  We find that if you are using an IPAD you might have problems and suggest that you register using a desktop computer.

Before going to their site, please copy down your teacher’s number, which we have listed in the box at the bottom of this page.


Step 1: Create your account on the MDP site

Go to:

Supply your name, email address, and a password.  You will then receive a verification email containing a link.  Follow that link, which will return you to the site, where you will be prompted to enter the following information:

  • Student, Teacher or Parent (choose “Student”)
  • Choose “NO” under the box for Student ID.  You will not be able to fill in Student ID at this first step. You will then be asked the birth date of the student.
  • Your Home Mailing Address
  • Your Home Phone Number

Step 2: Register for the Testing Assessment

Go to:

Login with your username and password to proceed.

Please select the following options

  • Session:  (Spring 2015)
  • Candidate Name – (Your Student Name)
  • Type: Theory (Academic)
  • Subject:  Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Rudiments (Choose Your Level)

Teacher Information:

  • Add a Teacher: (At a Music School)
  • Music School: (Westminster Conservatory)
  • Add a Teacher:  (Here is where you insert your Theory teacher’s number, located in the box at the bottom of this page.)

Choose a Location to take your Assessment Test:

  • State: (New Jersey)
  • Center: (Princeton)
  • Time: (May 9)

You will then be asked to confirm your address, and you will be given a student ID. Your student ID will allow you to access your corrected test via PDF, and make it faster and easier to register for future exams.

Save your Student ID, the email you used, and the password your created in a safe place.



Step 3: Payment and Checkout

The Music Development Program accepts Visa and Mastercard.  Once you pay, you will be given a confirmation number.


Assessment levels
Theory I           Basic Rudiments
Theory II         Intermediate Rudiments
Theory III        Advanced Rudiments


Teacher Email Teacher Number
Craig Levesque 14074
Ikumi Hiraiwa 1559
Michael Green
Julia Kovalev 13523