Young Musician

Young Musician (YM)

Created for the advancing musician, the Young Musician division offers two to three weekly courses from the core Honors Music Program Curriculum as well as Chamber Music. An audition and interview are required as well as the recommendation of the student’s private teacher. 

YM Majors are required to study with a private teacher of their choice, either at Westminster Conservatory or independently. A minimum 45 minute weekly lesson is required and 60 minute lessons are recommended.

YM Majors prepare for an annual performance evaluation by a panel of Conservatory Faculty. 

YM Instrumental Performance Majors additionally pursue instruction in Jazz Improvisation and hone their performance skills in four Performance Classes and two Chamber and Jazz Recitals each year.

YM Vocal Performance Majors additionally attend Language and Diction and Vocal Development courses and perform in two Chamber Recitals a year.