Welcome to the new Musical 2017-18 year!

Welcome to the new Musical 2017-18 year!

Hello to everyone, to all current students in our program, old and new students!

Warm welcome to the Westminster Conservatory of Music Honors Music Program. My name is Esma Pasic-Filipovic,  Director of the Honors Music Program.

Our excellent faculty and myself will help you and guide you through this academic year.
We all are here to spread our love of music, inspire and challenge you, make you work hard, watch you grow strong and become better, and prepare you for your future endeavors. Our highly educated and dedicated faculty will work with you on Saturdays. They will guide you through your musical journey and create an atmosphere of excellence.

I also encourage your parents to become involved with your education. With your hard work, motivation, teachers’ dedication, and parents’ support you are on your way to your musical future.

Please browse through our website and discover more about us.

Looking forward to seeing you in September,

Yours truly,