Hear what our Alumni have to say!

“Dedicating my Saturdays to music was a very special and unique experience – I learned how to truly love and appreciate music with people who felt the same passion I did. ” – Amy Guan, class of 2016

“A highlight of my experience at Westminster Conservatory was participating in the Honors Music Program where I could play and pursue music at a higher level.” – Adviti Sarang, class of 2016

“I enjoyed attending HMP because I could learn many different things about music at one – like history, theory, jazz, and even conducting and composition.” – Vivian Zhang, class of 2016

“My favorite experiences at Westminster Conservatory have definitely revolved around my chamber experiences both this year and last year. I’ve never been in a similar musical environment, and the community provided by WC definitely served as a fantastic way to expand my musical experiences in enjoyable ways. Through both the quartet and duet, I’ve learned a plethora of nuances related to both practice and performance within a small group, all of which can easily be tied back into any other sort of instrumental activities I participate in. Without these experiences, I wouldn’t be half the musician I am today.” -Nicolas Ng, Class of 2016

“A highlight of my time at Westminster was when I participated in the Honors Music Program. It was there when I began the history and technique behind music composition. It has inspired me to try out arranging and composing music, and has further deepened my resolve to become a music educator.” -Ayanna Posipanko, class of 2016

“I joined the Honors Music Program last year and have greatly enjoyed enriching my musical life alongside such wonderful classmates. With classes like counterpoint, jazz, and orchestration, I was able to expand my musicianship in ways I had never previously imagined.” – Emma Bezilla, class of 2016

“Please Being part of the Honors Music Program especially has been wonderful. I feel like I’ve grown into the performer I am today because of it. Also, being able to meet and interact with other talented musicians who share my passion has definitely inspired and pushed me. Even after 4 years, I still find it exciting to come to Westminster twice a week and do what I love. I am so grateful I got to be instructed by such great faculty members.” -Krishna Raman, class of 2016

“Something I enjoyed about Westminster was the Young Artist Program and getting to work with such a variety of teachers. Going to a community school in general allowed me to meet other peers that were as dedicated to music as I was, and that is something that I will always appreciate.” -Jolanis Alexandre, class of 2014

“I love coming to the Conservatory for my Saturday Young Artist Program classes because I get to work with different students and teachers from different schools. I look forward to my very last solo and chamber music recitals, but will be sad to leave the Conservatory!” – Elisabeth Boyce-Jacino, class of 2014