Young Artist Vocal Program

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The Young Artist Vocal Program offers performance-oriented classes geared to the needs of the serious young classical singer. In addition to the regular Young Artist curricula in music theory and music history, students also attend classes in the fundamentals of language and singing diction, vocal chamber music, and performing skills. All students must also take a weekly 45-60 minute private lesson.  Performance requirements include solo and chamber concerts, and a year-end formal evaluation.

Experienced singers aged 13 and older are invited to audition for YAP Vocal Performance.  Singers younger than 13, or with minimal performing experience, are invited to audition for the Young Musician Vocal Studies Program.

Vocal Studies

YA Vocal Performance majors together attend two classes which are designed to meet the needs of the serious young classical singer.

– Vocal Repertoire Class focuses on communication, performance, and technique through study of chamber music and solo song repertoire.

– Language and Diction for Singers addresses the basics of the International Phonetic Alphabet and fundamentals of the principal singing languages: Italian, English, Latin, French, German and Spanish. Master classes are included in Audition Skills, Baroque Ornamentation, Acting Songs, Vocal Health and Anatomy, and Performance Anxiety. Vocal students also attend Music Theory and Music History classes.

YMP Vocal Studies Students will attend the Vocal Skills Class, where they work on vocal technique, poise and stage deportment, and vocal independence. Class work will include some ensemble singing, and the opportunity to work solo repertoire with a pianist.

Curriculum – 2016-HMP-3-year-Vocal-Curriculum

Vocal Studies Instructor

All voice classes are taught by Danielle Sinclair.


YAP students are recommended for the program based on an audition and a written recommendation from their private teacher. The program is open to students who study with teachers on the Conservatory faculty as well as to students who study privately elsewhere. All students are required to take a weekly private lesson of a minimum of 45 minutes.

Evaluations – HMP VOCAL Evaluation Requirements

YAP Voice Performances

Mozart – Piu non si trovano
Hahn – O mon bel inconnu
Mozart – Il core vi dono

What our students are saying ….
“The young artist program at Westminster conservatory has been incredibly valuable in benefitting my overall education, but also in preparing me for college. YAP has provided me with instruction, especially in diction and music theory, that has given me many advantages in my current course work and in my performance practice. Every faculty member I have studied with has made a lasting impression on me as a performer and as a person. I accredit my ease in performing and collaboration to the performance opportunities granted and the variety of repertoire studied. Learning to collaborate well is a skill every performer needs to have, no matter the instrument, skill level or career goals; this makes me so grateful for the YAP program opportunities to collaborate with peers and coaches. I highly recommend the YAP program at Westminster for anyone seeking an edge in their performance goals, practice of a variety of repertoire, work with excellent faculty members and long lasting friendships of talented musicians who love their work.” -Sophie Thompson, Carnegie Mellon ’18

“I truly feel that this program has shaped me into the singer I am today and I feel that it has prepared me well for studying vocal performance in college. IPA and diction are such valuable skills and I’m really thankful I got to start learning them in high school. The weekly performance classes gave me an opportunity to sing pieces with a pianist and receive valuable feedback. Also, singing Chamber music with the other talented singers in the program is one of the most fun things you can do.” Krishna Raman, Carnegie Mellon, ’20

“The Young Artist program was one of the best choices that I made in high school. I’m so thankful that I got to learn and experience everything that I did. It helped prepare me so much for college. I learned how to approach theory in the correct way. I learned IPA early, and that made learning songs so much easier. I wish that I had known about this program earlier than I did. It has prepared me better for my career, and I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could.”  Ashley Hansell, Westminster Choir College, 2017