Congratulations to our HMP Scholarship Competition Winners!

On March 11, 2018 Scholarship Competition was held at the Westminster Conservatory, and the Honors Music Program was well represented!  Lets all congratulate and honor them for their hard work and achievement.
The winners are:
EGE BOSTANCI, 12, YMP, Piano, student of Ena Bronstein-Barton
ZOE EBY, 12, Chamber Music, Piano, student of Esma Pasic-Filipovic
MASHA KHARCHENKO, 16, Chamber Music, Piano, student of Rita Shklar
RISHIKESH NAYAR, 14, YAP, Voice, student of Timothy Urban
SAANYA LINGINENI, 16, YMS with the minor in vocal performance, student of Linda Mindlin

Honorable Mention Recipients are:
ABRIELLE SCOTT, 16, YAP, Flute, student of Barbara Williams
BRIAN COLQUIST, 11, YMP, Composition, student of Craig Levesque

We are all very proud of your accomplishment!