Young Artist

Young Artist (YA)

Designed for exceptional performers and composers seriously committed to a comprehensive study of music, the Young Artist division offers a performance oriented track with three to four weekly courses from the core Honors Music Program Curriculum and major specific studies. An audition and interview are required as well as the recommendation of the student’s private teacher. 

YA Majors are required to study with a private teacher of their choice, either at Westminster Conservatory or independently. A minimum 45 minute weekly lesson is required and 60 minute lessons are recommended.

YA curriculum culminates in the Senior Seminar, a course that is custom-designed yearly to meet the particular interests of each senior class. Seniors are personally guided throughout their preparations for a solo senior recital that is presented in a Westminster Choir College performance venue. The Young Artist Admissions folio accompanies Conservatory and University applications and impressively presents the student’s transcript, a recommendation letter from the Director, and press materials.

Performance Majors

YA Performance Majors follow the Young Artist Performance Curriculum, a progressive course of study which ensures completion of comprehensive repertoire standards. They receive performance evaluation at Young Artist Solo Recitals and prepare a solo program for annual evaluation by a panel of Conservatory Faculty. 

YA Instrumental Performance Majors additionally pursue instruction in Chamber Music and Jazz Improvisation and hone their performance skills in four Performance Classes, two Solo and Chamber Recitals, and a Jazz Showcase each year.

YA Vocal Performance Majors additionally attend Language and Diction and Vocal Repertoire Courses as well as Vocal Seminars and perform in two Solo and Chamber Recitals each year. Vocal students are encouraged to enroll in additional piano lessons. The recommended age for Vocal Performance Majors is 14 and up. 

Composition Majors

YA Composition Majors additionally pursue instruction in Jazz Improvisation, Orchestration and Arranging, as well as dynamic and personalized composition electives. Composition students have the opportunity to perform in Young Artist Solo Recitals and have their compositions featured in a Composition Showcase. YA Composition Majors are required to maintain weekly lessons with a Composition Instructor in addition to private instrumental study. Composition students submit an annual composition portfolio for review by Conservatory Faculty.