Artistry, Scholarship and Performance

HMP students experience the thrill of their own emerging artistry. Even better? Students share that experience with peers who support and motivate one another.

HMP students work hard together, inspired by world-class instructors who are dedicated to making great music.

Why do we value Scholarship?

Our students take two to four classes every Saturday from September to June. We offer individualized attention to ensure that each student is placed in classes that are engaging, challenging, and age-appropriate. Our faculty strive to meet the unique needs of our students, and private tutoring is always available for acceleration or when extra assistance is required.

HMP is different…

The only pre-college music program with Music History as a yearly component of our students’ curriculum.  Knowledge of genres, repertoire, and style is invaluable for every musician.  Many graduates complete our advanced courses in Counterpoint, Composition, and Orchestration.

Shared experiences performing music are highlights of  each HMP student’s journey towards becoming a fine musician.

Chamber Music concerts, Solo Recitals,  HMP Outreach Concerts and more… students play music together every week in their Chamber Music and Jazz classes. Performance majors perform for one another in intimate performance master classes. With less than twelve students in a class, master teachers make a difference in each student’s work, instructing on performance issues and techniques.