Handbook and Forms


The Handbook may be downloaded here.


Student Contract

Parents Contract

Private Teacher Contract

Performance Class

Performance Class 1 (Due 11/5/22)

Performance Class 2 (Due 1/14/22)

Performance Class 3 (Due 2/18/23)

Performance Class 4 (Due 4/29/23)

Solo Recitals

February Solo Recitals (Due 1/21/23)

May Solo Recitals (Due 4/28/23)

Chamber Concerts

January Chamber Concerts (Due 1/7/23)

June Chamber Concerts (5/14/23)

Evaluation Forms

Students should visit the Evaluation page for more information regarding the submission of the following forms. These forms are only needed if the student is privately with a non conservatory teacher! HMP students who study with conservatory faculty will be scheduled through their private lessons.

Concert Review