Program Progression


College Admissions






Consider the effect your absence or tardiness will have on HMP classes. Students are allowed no more than two, non-consecutive absences per semester.


Reporting An Absence

All absences, including one from a single class, must be reported to the Program Assistant.

Absences may be reported using the Report an Absence form or by emailing the Program Assistant directly. Report absences in advance whenever possible. You are responsible for contacting your teachers to find out what work needs to be made up.

Unanticipated absences, such as illness, should be phoned into the Conservatory office first thing Saturday morning. Let the person answering the phone know that you are an HMP student.

Students are responsible for material covered in class and for making up missed assignments. Contact fellow students or teachers about the lesson. Teachers often place homework materials in the student’s mailbox/folder in the Conservatory’s main office the day they are out.

Teachers do not make up classes missed because of student absences. Should make up classes be required because of student absence, whether to prepare for an upcoming performance or exam, the additional cost of make-ups is the family’s responsibility. HMP faculty are busy people, and makeups will be scheduled only if the instructors are available.


Arrival and Dismissal

Arrive with ample time to set up before the start of each class. The office opens at 8:30 on Saturdays, and teachers will begin classes on time.  We are on a tight schedule on Saturdays with a lot of material to be covered in a short amount of time.  Bring your materials and instrument and be set up in advance of your first class.

Passing periods are provided to assist students moving from class to class.  Students must be on time to subsequent periods as well.

Families should arrange to pick up their child in front of Princeton Hall.  The office is very busy on Saturdays, so you may be most comfortable waiting at the curb for your child.



HMP students each have their own mailbox located in the HMP boxes in the Conservatory office. Students have a file folder there with their name on it —music, homework, and memos may be left there when needed.  Please check your mailbox each Saturday as you pass by it.



HMP requires a commitment of nine months and families must sign a program contract, verifying that HMP policies and the calendar have been accepted. Signed contracts are due before the first day of classes.


Withdrawal from HMP

In cases of health or family emergency, students may withdraw under the Conservatory’s Emergency Withdrawal policy and be reconsidered for re-admission. Tuition for the remaining portion of the year will be refunded, minus a penalty equal to the cost of four weeks of program tuition. Withdrawal for other reasons, Early Withdrawal, makes it highly unlikely that the student may re-enroll in the program at a future time. Full-year tuition will not be refunded in the case of Early Withdrawal.


Program Progression

HMP students continue within their program from one year to the next by completing their registration before May 31st.  Students do no need to complete and audition to continue in the program.  (YA students must have completed their Evaluation.)  Class placement will be designed based on each student’s previous spring’s course levels, so students who plan to complete summer study must let the Director know their plans as early as possible. Placement issues must be sorted out no later than June 21st for the following September.  Given the complexity of the program-wide schedule, last-minute schedule changes are not usually possible.


Tutoring is available, and we encourage families to consider registering for a session at any point during the year should their child need one on one assistance. Please understand that our faculty are not  compensated for work with students outside of class.  Farmilies may register for a tutoring session through the main office and schedule it independently with the teacher.


Entire courses may be completed by working with an instructor privately during the year or over the summer. Upon admission students receive their first recommendation for summer theory tutoring, if any is recommended.  Entering students, especially those in high school wishing to prepare for the AP exam, should consider the option of accelerating their progress by taking additional classes and/or tutoring during the year or during the summer. Please inquire with the Academic Coordinator, Program Assistant, or Director if you are interested in acceleration.

In addition to Theory acceleration, the required two-year High School Music History Survey courses may be partially or entirely completed over the summer. It is quite common for students to take additional classes during the school year in order to fulfill this particular requirement for graduation from HMP.  In scheduling, we try to make more than one section of  this survey available to students for this reason.  Please let Ms. Neely know if you are hoping to accelerate.


HMP students who wish to be promoted to another Division of HMP must audition for promotion.  Promotion auditions occur during the spring, at the same time as HMP Audition Week. In order to audition, students need to submit a teacher recommendation form and sign up for the audition in the Conservatory office.  Auditions for promotion are free of charge to current HMP students.



Senior Seminar

Graduating seniors may look forward to Senior Seminar, a course designed to serve the needs and reflect the interests of the senior class.  It is the fourth course for YA students and includes instruction in writing program notes for the senior recital.


Senior Recital

YA Seniors graduating with honors will perform their own senior recital. The recital is of the student’s own design, and each senior produces their own concert under the supervision of the Director. A Westminster concert hall is provided to seniors and is included in tuition.


Graduation Requirements

The HMP Certificate of Graduation

The following minimum requirements must be met to receive the HMP Certificate of Graduation:


Completion of the following courses:

  • The two-year High School Music History Survey
  • Theory through Harmony I and Ear Training and Solfege I
  • 2 years of Chamber Music  classes
  • Completion of Jazz 2
  • 30 minutes of performance on a senior recital.


Completion of the following courses:

  • The two-year High School Music History Survey
  • Theory through Theory 3
  • 2 years of Diction and Vocal Repertoire classes
  • 30 minutes of performance on a senior recital

If availability permits, seniors sharing a concert may also request a Westminster concert hall.

Graduation with Honors or High Honors

Students graduating with Honors or High Honors receive an engraved plaque at graduation.  High Honors may be awarded to YA students; honors may be awarded to YA and YM students. Honors are awarded on the recommendation of the faculty, the Academic Coordinator, and the Director.  Recommendation is on the basis of grade history, performance ability, level of course work completed, program citizenship, and years enrolled in the program.

In addition to the graduation requirements above, candidates for Honors must also:

  • Complete Senior Seminar
  • Present of a 50-minute Senior Recital.

College Admissions
Senior year is an important time for HMP students, and HMP staff are here to assist in the college admissions process. Whether or not a student is planning to major in music, graduation from HMP is a significant achievement that will strengthen your admissions package.  We are here to help you formulate the best way to present your musical achievements.

HMP students who have fulfilled the requirements for graduation from the program may request college application support and recommendation from the Program Director.





Attendance for Students                               YA-YM-YMS

Students must be in their seats 15 minutes before concerts, tuned and ready to begin. Students remain through the conclusion of the concert. Students may not perform and leave.  Students may request a concert time in advance, only if necessary. The list of performers in each concert will be on the website one week before the concert.


Attendance for Families                               YA-YM-YMS

Please bring your family and friends to our concerts! We are committed to developing classical music audiences. If you or your friends are new to the classical music setting, please read the following information about concerts.

The concert environment remains quiet during the performance of music. Cell phones and electronic devices are shut off prior to the start of the concert. We encourage parents to bring children to our concerts and also ask for parental discretion when bringing small children who are unable to remain quiet during a two hour concert.

As a courtesy to performers and audience members, latecomers wait to enter the hall and take their seats until there is applause. Proper classical music concert etiquette includes holding any applause until the conclusion of an entire piece. Longer pieces may have sections (movements) separated by silence. Movements function like chapters in a book, each with its own character. Please look at your program to notice how many movements are in a piece and applaud its conclusion

The taking of photographs during a concert is prohibited. Silent video recording is acceptable. Set up equipment before the concert begins or at intermission, being aware of others’ around you.


Young Artist Solo Recitals                                          YA

At the end of each semester YA students perform in these special concerts, which feature each Young Artist individually. Students may request performance in one of two concerts. Each student’s performance, which is not to exceed seven minutes, has been prepared with his/her private teacher as a showcase performance.

Students may perform solo or  with the HMP Accompanist, Ms. Kathy Shanklin. Students interested in performing with Ms. Shanklin must make their request to the Program Assistant and must properly submit the piano accompaniment by the deadline. Included in tuition is one rehearsal and the performance itself. Rehearsals are coordinated by the Program Assistant. Many students choose to schedule additional rehearsals with the accompanist throughout the semester. These arrangements and associated fees are handled directly with Ms. Shanklin. kathyss@earthlink.net


Concert Attire

Practice in concert clothes so you know they are comfortable. Dress shoes should allow comfortable walking and pedaling. Girls’ hair should be pulled away from the face and jewelry chosen to stay out of your way; avoid rings and bracelets. Be aware of how jewelry, hair and shoes may affect your performance and your bow.

Semi-formal concert dress

Girls: Dresses and dress shoes; consider skirt length as viewed from an elevated stage.

Boys: Jacket, dress shirt and tie, dress slacks, dress shoes/dark socks.

Formal concert dress

Girls: Formal gowns and dress shoes.

Boys: Tuxedos are encouraged. Formal suits and dark socks/shoes.

YA Solo Recitals       YA

Semi-formal or formal attire is appropriate.

YAP Jazz Concert       YA

Neat, casual attire may be worn.

HMP Chamber Music Concerts    YA-YM

Formal attire is required.

Community Outreach Concerts     YA-YM

Semi-formal or formal attire is appropriate.


Submitting Repertoire Information

Repertoire information must be submitted through the Repertoire Submission online form located on this site on or before any deadline. Failure to submit repertoire will result in being omitted from the concert.  Please note  deadlines in the “Special Dates” calendar of the HMP Handbook.