Sep 01, 2013


HMP instrumentalists perform memorized solo selections at four Performance Classes on Saturdays scheduled throughout the academic year. These classes develop performance skills in a friendly, working environment, and students gain confidence and comfort with their repertoire. Classmates take turns performing and receiving feedback from the master clinician, which is advantageous in preparing for performances, competitions, evaluations, or auditions.

Students should submit their performance class repertoire in advance via Google Classroom or the Repertoire Submission Page. Students must bring their scores to class for the instructor’s reference. They should bring their own recording device and take notes on the instructor’s comments.


Students must attend the full session. It is unacceptable to perform and leave, or to arrive late. Any absences must be reported through the website “Report An Absence” form, and students will need to attend a Make Up Performance class.


A student’s private teacher selects the solo repertoire and prepares the student for each class. Performances should not exceed 5 minutes. For a longer piece, please make appropriate cuts prior to class. Memorization is preferred.

Students must perform a different piece from a different musical period at each Performance Class. A student may not repeat a piece during the year.

Performances may vary in their level of polish; one performance may be a student’s first performance of a piece while another performance may be a polished performance on its way to a public venue. Students should prepare thoroughly and set clear personal goals for their own performance.